Our Projects

Heald Green


The site is located on Wimslow Road, Heald Green. Positioned off the main road and adjacent to a retail parade consisting of a mix of shops and restaurants, our proposals will enhance the current site which is in a state of disrepair and doesn't currently serve or offer anything of value to the local community.

Our proposals to redevelop the site will see a 4,000 sq ft convenience store, operated by the Co Op with apartments above. We are proposing 8 x 2 bed apartments. We intend to submit our planning application Autumn 2020. Work is estimated to commence Autumn 2021, with completion Spring 2022.

What are the benefits of our proposals?

• We are redeveloping a brownfield site which consists of derelict, unused buildings that are both unattractive
and unappealing.

• Removing the derelict buildings and redeveloping the site, diminishes the risks of injury, vandalism and

• Productive land use, providing a healthier built environment.

• The current site does not serve the local community in any shape or form.

• Redevelopment of site to provide well needed amenities to the local residents and community.

• Generate income for the local economy and well needed employment opportunities.

• Tax revenues both from the store and redevelopment of site, will contribute and deliver improvements to
the local infrastructure, education and other social benefits for the community.

• A convenience store has the real potential to offer a range of services that truly make a difference to the
local community.

• Increased revenues for the local council, therefore leading to further investment within the community.

• Promotes walking and cycling (improved health and well-being), whilst encouraging the use of public
transport, which results in less traffic.

• In relation to the environmental role of the proposal, its central location Heald Green and proximity to
residential areas would improve the general distribution of local food shopping in the area.

• It would increase local choice in an accessible location on foot for people living in the surrounding area. In
doing so it would provide a modern top up shopping facility which would contribute to wider sustainable
development principles.